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Additional Needs Policy

Administration of Medicine Policy

Admissions Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Attachment Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Policy 2018

Bereavement Policy

Charging Policy 2018

Child Protection Policy 2016

Citizenship, Personal, Health and Social Education 2017

Code of Conduct for Parents

Code of Conduct for Staff and Volunteers

Community Cohesion Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Curriculum Health and Safety

E Safety Policy

Educational Visits Policy

English as Additional Language Policy

Equality Policy

Exclusion Policy 2018

Extended Services Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Food Policy

General Procedure for Concerns and Complaints

Governing Body Visits Policy

Grievance Procedure for parents

Health and Safety Policy

Inclusion Policy

Lettings Policy 2017

Looked After Children Policy

Lunchtime Policy 2018

Managing Allegations Against Staff

Mobile Phone Usage Policy 2017

Packed Lunch Policy

Personal Heath and Social Education and Citizenship 2018 Policy

Pupil Premium Grant 2017

Prayer Life & Worship Policy

Promoting British Values at St Anne Policy

Radicalisation & Extremism Policy

Records and Handling Information Policy

Relationships and Sex Education 2017

Safeguarding Policy 2016

School Brochure

Science Policy

Scheme of Work for Relationships and Sex Education and CPHSE

School Website Permission Pro-Forma

SEND Local Offer 2017

Sex & Relationships Policy

Sports Grant 2017 - 2018

St Anne Teaching & Learning Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Wearing of Jewellery Policy

Vulnerable Children Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy 2017

Young Carer Policy

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