The New Curriculum

As of September 2015 all year groups will be following the New Curriculum. The New Curriculum sees a shift in focus points for some subjects and is overall tougher than previously, particularly when it comes to Numeracy and Literacy.

Maths is expected to increase in difficulty, with more secondary maths topics covered, including long-division, more fractions and decimals, and pupils will be faced with more multi-step problem solving tasks. This will be most apparent during Year 6. Mental Arithmetic will no longer be tested and has been replaced with an Arithmetic paper. Although learning material will be set out year by year, there will be some flexibility to allow for individual progress. It's worth noting that calculators have been removed from use in the Key Stage 2 SATs since 2014 and this is being upheld.

Other subjects that will see notable changes include English, in which there will be a stronger emphasis on vocabulary, handwriting, spoken English and spelling, punctuation and grammar. In science there will be more focus on facts than methodology and evolution will also be added as a topic of study. ICT will change to computing curriculum and include programming and internet safety, and languages which will be compulsory and require a basic knowledge of grammar and pronunciation.


The first SATs based on the New Curriculum will be taken in May 2016 by those starting Year 2 or Year 6 in September 2015. Key Stage 1 tests will now be externally set but still marked by teachers, and a new Key Stage 1 grammar, punctuation and spelling test will be introduced. A scaled score will also be in place with 100 expected to be the National standard. There will no longer be a Level 6 Extension test.

The level system to assess progress will be removed we are developing our own methods of monitoring progress under the supervision of Tameside Local Authority. We will continue to host parent/teacher meetings three times a year. At these meetings your child's progress will be discussed with reference to the end of year expectations.

Please do not hesitate to speak to either Mrs Gaffney or Miss Freeley about these recent changes and how they will affect your child's education at St Anne's.

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