3rd December 2019

To celebrate World Nursery Rhyme Week we included this year's 5 focus rhymes in our daily Rhyme Time then themed some of our activities around them - we especially enjoyed Baa Baa Black Sheep themed sensory play and Incy Wincy Spider themed Maths.

To end Nursery's RE Topic on Baptism the children Baptised our class baby, wrote a Baptism certificate for him then celebrated with a party afterwards, making their own decorations and cakes to enjoy.

25th November 2019

One of Nursery's Anti-Bullying Week activities used apples to represent people. One apple we had been really kind to, the other not so kind. We opened up the apples to see how unkindness affects people inside in their hearts - this one was bruised and clearly hurt on the inside.

The Nursery children are loving the new hospital role play area. They have learnt lots of new language, such as stethoscope, thermometer, oxygen mask and more. They are getting lots of practice in sharing/taking turns and we definitely have some budding actors in the making.

November 2019

After all the excitement from the Nursery children around fireworks recently we watched some fireworks videos then let the children represent them in whichever way took their interest.

To develop pre-writing skills in Nursery we provide opportunities for the children to work on their gross and fine motor skills in lots of ways; giant and small-scale mark making, Squiggle While You Wiggle sessions, playdough and more.

October 2019

Our Nursery children have been learning lots of new vocab this week; selecting ingredients for their potion recipes, whisking and stirring, then telling their group what their magical potion would do. We've been turned into frogs, princesses and more!

To tie in with Black History Month the Nursery children looked at the country of Africa, in particular the story Handa's Surprise. They learnt how to do some African drumming and dancing then had a go at retelling the story.

Autumn Hunt

The Nursery children have been loving playing with conkers this week so we decided to go on an Autumn hunt. We found tiny pine cones, berries and apples growing, lots of beautiful leaves and more! We can't wait to explore, play with, and talk about, all the collected items over the next few days.


Going on a Bear Hunt

In Nursery we have been learning all about Michael Rosen's; We're Going on a Bear Hunt. A group of children volunteered to perform the retell with actions - didn't they do an amazing job!!

Going on a Bear Hunt video


We decided to mix up our scissors skills practice today in Nursery and cut up lots of beautiful herbs. The children loved this multi-sensory experience. Next mission - to grow our own in our new mud kitchen area!

Early Years Literacy in action

Mark making with meaning, cosy reading, strengthening fine motor skills through sewing and exercising our gross motor skills!

Settling into Reception

The children in Reception class have settled into school brilliantly and we have had the most wonderful first couple of weeks together. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and making new friends, following instructions and settling into new routines. The children have worked together to set our “Bee Happy” rules that will keep us all safe and happy in school. We have spent lots of time exploring the resources and learning where things belong and how to safely use the toys and equipment. We are so impressed already with how well the children have adapted to their new environment and looked after the resources and each other! Well done and we look forward to the exciting year ahead with you.

Nursery Class

The Nursery Class of 2019-20 are doing very well settling in to the St Anne's family, exploring our various learning areas and making new friends.

Welcome Day

After looking at the St Anne's Mission Statement together, the Reception children planned and delivered a Welcome Party to celebrate our new Nursery children joining the St Anne's family. They baked cakes, made bunting decorations then had lots of fun with the new children dancing, playing with balloons, blowing bubbles and playing games together.

Roald Dahl Day

The Nursery children looked fabulous all dressed up for Roald Dahl Day. After looking at some of Roald Dahl's books together, we made crocodile bookmarks to celebrate The Enormous Crocodile, we made our own chocolate lollies to celebrate Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we mixed dream potions to celebrate The BFG and we tasted peaches to celebrate James and the Giant Peach.

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