Literacy: Pandora's Box

After spending days on reading a variety of Myths and finding the features, the story Pandora's box has been revealed to the children as their story focus this half term.

Today in groups the children had the opportunity to act using a playscript of the myth and use talk for writing when presented with the narrative version. Each group then had to present their version of the myth.

It was certainly a lot of fun!

History/Geography:Ancient Greece

To kick off our new topic the Groovy Greeks, Year Four were presented with artefacts, maps and Atlases. Each group had an investigation, take a look at what they found out.

Year Four: Celebration of May Day

After celebrating May Day with year three and the rest of the school in Church, year four wanted to demonstrate their thanks to Mother Mary. Each child create their own collages of Mary and then wrote down some appreciation notes. Please take a look at these stunning pieces of work!


The Garden of Gethsemane: Jesus' final prayer

This was one of the most heart touching lessons Miss Murphy has ever had to witness. Each child composed their final prayer to God their father as if they were about to be arrested. Everyone completed it with such grace and beauty. Please read carefully!

This term Year Four have been studying the tropical rainforests around the world. The children have been investigating them as well as geographically locating them in interesting ways. They have also been discovering the effect of deforestation. Take a look at their work below. 

Where my Wellies take me!

This term we have been reading and basing our writing on where my Wellies take me by Michael and Claire Morpurgo.

Take a look at our journey.

World Book Day

World Book Day

1. Come read with me plates. The children have been hard at work creating 'Come read with me plates.' This involved a dish filled with clues and on the back is a riddle. Can anyone solve it?

2. Celebrating World Book Day! When the bell rings...
If you hear a bell ring you must stop and pickup your book and read for five minutes.

October 2018 – Black History Month- Rosa Parks

‘You must never be fearful about what you are doing if it is right.’ Rosa Parks

Year Four have spent the month reading, researching and debating the revelations and changes Rosa Parks made. Look at our Black History Month board to see how they spent their month learning about this inspirational woman.

October 2018 – Halloween Slime

Year Fours classroom has been taken over by the making of Halloween Slime. This was then followed up by instructional writing for anyone who wants to make this over it over the spooky half term!

November 2018 – National Interfaith Week – Judaism

This week has been National Interfaith Week. The focus was the Torah and how it places such an importance in a Jewish person’s life. The classroom was then transformed into a Hebrew classroom, whereby the children translated their favourite words into Hebrew!

December 2018 – Christmas Markets

I couldn’t be any prouder of how much time and effort the children put into making such superb items for our School Christmas Markets. Your Christingles, Christmas Bracelets and Tree Decorations were outstanding. Your contribution did not stop there as you sang your heart out the whole afternoon for all those who attended the market. Thank you Year Four!

December 2018 – Advent is Coming (RE)

Today the class took part in decorating our classroom, preparing for Christmas. We looked both the importance of Christmas and the demands at times which can be placed on an individual.

December 2018 – Gifts of Love (RE)

As part of our reflection on the Third Sunday of Advent we have completed a class ‘Secret Santa’, whereby each child made a gift of love for someone in the class. Please see below the children’s gifts.



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