Year 4 Lenten Assembly 2018 - The Crucifixion 

Year four continued St Anne's Lenten assemblies, by reflecting on the moments leading up to Jesus' Crucifixion. They performed it in such a way that it most definitely touched the heart of all those who watched.

Year 4 Music Concert - Spring

This morning Year Four completed their second Clarinet concert. They sang and played an array of songs to the Parents, Staff and Children of St Anne's. Year Four would like to say a big thank you to Mr Jolly and Mr Wright from the Tameside Music Service, as they have both worked incredibly hard to make the concert such a success.

Year 4 CAFOD visit

Today we had the pleasure of Mrs Sivills visiting Year Four. She spoke to all the children about 'Laudato Si', a letter written by Pope Francis.In the letter Pope Francis is urging us to protect our common home: the earth. At the moment our earth is being very badly mistreated and we must act to show our love for God's wonderful creation and our love for each other. What can you help protect our common home?

Community Talk with Father Chris- Thursday 25th January

Year 4 would like to say a big thank you to Father Chris who opened up his Church doors for both Year one and four today. He gave an amazing talk about what it means to be part of a community. He also gave an interesting speech on the special people who are involved in the day to day running of our parish.

Chester Zoo - Wednesday 24th January

Year 4 had a wonderful day exploring Chester Zoo. It really help year 4 experience what it would be like for an explorer exploring the Rainforest for the very first time.

Class Advent Assembly - 11th December 2017

This morning we performed our Class Advent Assembly. Our assembly reflected on the second Sunday of Advent, especially on John the Baptist who proclaimed to the people to prepare the way of the Lord. Thank you to everyone who came and supported and we hope that it has given you time to reflect on how you can prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

November - Multi-Faith Week

To complete our learning about the faith Islam and the importance of the Qu'ran we made our own Subha Prayer Beads. This is used in the religion to connect closer to Allah (Muslims God). They can be used to express worries or concerns, to recite Allahs 99 names or most importantly they can be used to pray.

Tuesday 14/11/2017

Today we have been reflecting on the importance of Remembrance Day. We created our own Acrostic Poem either with the word 'Hero' or 'Remember'. These were two key words which we found were most important to us when expressing our thoughts and feelings about the day.

Tuesday 24th October 2017

A big thank you to Craig Heap for his inspirational talk. It's has defiantly helped us with our RE unit of being 'chosen' and 'responding to a call'. We hope you liked our class book filled with letters we had written for you!

October - Hockey

Hockey practise has begun! A big thank you to Hayley from Manchester City for a fantastic first lesson. We cannot wait to see how our skills develop over the next few weeks.

Music (Clarinet) – September 2017

Today we learnt how to set up our Clarinet independently and how to play a G note. We then analysed each of our performances, learning how to evaluate our own performances and others. Thank you to Mr Jolly from the Tameside Music Service for helping us complete a successful lesson. We are looking forward to developing more ready for our end of term performance!


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