Mr Pownell visit

Year 5 had the pleasure of being taught by Mr Pownell, we worked on using different techniques to estimate the dimensions of a still life images.

Reading for Pleasure

During the Spring term we were visited by inspirational people from the local community that came in and spoke about their job roles and how they have been influenced by reading.

April 2019 - Science

In science we have been researching life cycles. Great opportunity to get a better understanding of a chickens life cycle.

September – Welcome

In September we created our own personalised mission statement. We identified the key features that need to be included within a great mission statement.

October 2018 – Real life maths problem solving

Year 5 trying to solve several number problems when ordering their dream take out from a menu of their choice.

November 2018 – Mayan Masks

Our topic during this term has been the Mayan’s, the children have made some fantastic versions.

December 2018 – Advent assembly

Year 5 produced a magnificent 3rd advent assembly, we explored the Gospel according to Luke while lighting the pink candle.

How rules and routines should and should not be completed - September 2018

The year 5's role played everyday rules and routines, please click on the links below:

Rules and Routines - Video 1

Rules and Routines - Video 2

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