History of St Anne’s

St Anne’s has changed in many ways over the years. Below you can read just how much the school has changed, as well as the memories some of the staff experienced here as children.

Mrs Cox – Senior Lunchtime Organiser – 1940’s

“I started at St Anne’s when i was 7 years old. The school was old, situated behind the church in the street that was then called Victor Mann Street. Some of us actually played in the street during break-time. Each morning going to school which was in the war years, i had to take my gas mask in a little brown box with a string around my neck. I also had a label with my name and address. The school had stone floors and in the classrooms we each had a desk that seated two pupils. Around 40 children were in each class. Most of the teachers were strict, a couple were really friendly. those i liked. The strict one’s scared me! I think the children today are so lucky, the teachers are all approachable, children are listened to, and the resources are great. When i was a child, i would have been happy to go to school here. The times have really changed for the better. I’m sure the parents must feel happy sending their children here and that the children enjoy being here.”

Mrs Derbyshire – Bursar – 1960’s

“When i started school aged 4 the school was behind St. Anne’s church in Victor Mann Street. It was a very old building with stone floors and narrow winding staircases. We had individual desks and the classrooms were full with approximately 40 – 45 children per class. The teachers were very strict, you were not allowed to speak during lesson time or else you were hit with a ruler. In 1966 the new school opened for Junior 3 and Junior 4 children. We were all looking forward to coming into the new school, it was lovely compared to the old school. The classrooms were very spacious and light with lovely new tables and chairs. There was no dining hall so we used to walk down to the old school for our lunch which seemed like a real adventure. Things are very different in St. Anne’s now, the children seem happier and enjoy school life a lot more than we did. There are a lot more resources available in school now, especially with all the modern technology.”

Mrs Churm – Higher Level Teaching Assistant – 1970’s

“As a child i attended St Anne’s 35 years ago, i started when i was 7 years old. Back then there were 2 independent schools under 2 different headteachers. The infant school was brand new. Everywhere was clean and tidy. At the end of every day my teacher read our class a story about a ‘robber’ and the mischief he got upto! As the years went by i worked my way through the Juniors. Classrooms in the lower juniors were all open plan, unlike the upper juniors. The teachers were strict and did not allow a lot of talking during class time. I enjoyed playing netball for the school in many rallies, and swimming in galas. I remember making my Holy Communion and Confirmation at St Anne’s, a memory I will always remember. I enjoyed my school life here at St Anne’s.”