Geography Club

Bredbury Recycling Centre – June 2017

Our trip to Bredbury Recyling centre

We have extremely enjoyed our trip and learnt lots of information about how to recycle and what happens to our waste. We went on a tour, played lots of games and created a gift bag out of wall paper!


Today we researched flags around the world and replicated them using body shapes in groups! Can you recognise any of the flags?

Have you ever wondered how a volcano erupts or why the Earth is spherical? We uncover wonders of the world Geography Club, which is held every Wednesday after school. We gain lots of knowledge about different countries; learn how to use compasses and study atlases ans maps throughout time! We take part in lots of fun activities and learn about the phenomenal world around us!


We were extremely lucky as Mr Derbyshire, the geologist, visited our school. He shared his knowledge of volcanoes around the world and on different planets. We were able to touch and explore volcanic rock and find out about different types of volcanoes.

Thank you very much Mr Derbyshire!


This term we have been learning about the continents of the world and we created our own 3D maps. We can’t wait to show you in assembly next week!

The layers of the Earth

This week we have explored the layers of the Earth. We have created our own worlds by using different colours for each of the layers which are the crust, mantel, outer core and the inner core. We cannot wait for Mr Derbyshire to visit our school next week to teacher us more about Volcanoes.