Our wonderful GIFT team led a beautiful assembly on the Epiphany. They reminded us that Jesus was born so that we could all have life and that we must live it to the full. We were reminded that each and every one of us is made in the image and likeness of God. Thank you for providing us with the time to reflect on what Jesus’ birth really means for us all.

Our GIFT Team led a beautiful Remembrance Day Assembly this morning to help us reflect in prayer and remember those who have lost their lives for our safety and freedom.

The St Anne’s and St John Fisher GIFT Teams met today and received training to support them in their leadership roles. They created action plans and discussed ways they can follow in Jesus’ footsteps and spread the word of God. Well done to our super role models!

Our wonderful GIFT Team led a beautiful Welcome Mass yesterday for the whole school, parishioners and parents. It was lovely to celebrate with Father Chris!

Congratulations to our wonderful new GIFT Team who will be leading our school as we grow in faith together. They are leading their first Welcome Mass next week so please come and join!

GIFT Team 

The Gift Chaplaincy team were awarded their badges today. They play a huge role in school in supporting masses, help prepare collective worships and represent the school in major religious events.

GIFT  Team

The hall looked beautiful this morning! Thank you to our wonderful GIFT Chaplains who planned the Mass themselves and delivered it themselves. You did a wonderful job!

GIFT Team Welcome Mass 

Today the GIFT chaplaincy team got together to plan the Welcome Mass. The Welcome Mass will be taking place in Church on Wednesday morning. The GIFT Chaplains have organised all the readings and the prayers of intercession. We thank them for all their hard work and we all really look forward to celebrating Mass with them on Wednesday.

Chaplaincy Team End of Year Treat 

Chaplaincy Team are rewarded for their hard work as they visit NotCutts garden centre for afternoon tea.

Door of Mercy 

Today we welcomed the Door of Mercy into St Anne’s. St Stephen’s Droylsden dropped it off at lunchtime and this afternoon the whole school shared a very special assembly. Fr Clarke and Mrs Gaffney explained the significance of the Holy Door and the GIFT Chaplaincy Team were the first to walk through it!

Salford Cathedral Commissioning by Bishop Arnold

Here at St Annes we have a wonderful Youth Chaplaincy Team. Declan, Neeve, Rachel, Maria, Karla and Jacob work hard to promote our Catholic faith in school. This year they have been commissioned by our Bishop and enjoyed spending the day at the Cathedral centre in Salford.

Our visit to St. Gabriels RC High School Bury

The Chaplaincy Team – planned and prepared a mass for the feast day of St. Peter and Paul