School Council

Here at St Annes we have two children who represent each class. These children take on board the views and opinions from the children in their class and present them to Mrs Duffy and Ms Nally.

They work hard to ensure that ‘pupils voice’ is heard and that the children have communicated their thoughts and feelings to the relevant people.  Mrs Duffy chairs meetings during the year where these children can raise topical issues, concerns or celebrate things that are happening in and around school.  The school council feature highly in the recruitment of teaching staff. They question candidates and from fair judgments to ensure that the children in our school receive the very best that they deserve.

School Councillors 

Our School Councillors look amazing in their red fleeces! Don’t forget to chat to them if you have any good ideas!

School Council Meeting 

The School Council enjoyed getting together to approve a treat for the current Year 6. The school council thought it would be a lovely idea for the Year 6 to have a leavers book which will have photographs of children and staff in it. I’m sure they will have great fun collecting signatures and memories!



School Council


The School Council met with Mrs Duffy. The council introduced themselves and shared their aims for the forthcoming year. Together we drew up an Action Plan for the Autumn Term. Already we are working hard to design displays within the school and our School Council display in the school entrance. If you have a question you would like to put to the School Council, please don’t hesitate to approach us!