Our Mission Statement

“To help every person here to achieve his or her best in work and in play. To celebrate whatever is good and to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by supporting and forgiving each other, For the honour and glory of God.”

Happy World Maths Day!

Year 2 had a fantastic day celebrating World Maths Day! We learned that Maths is everywhere and is used in all jobs in one way or another. The children suggested jobs where no Maths was used but were proved wrong: pet shop owner, plumber, mechanic, car salesman, police, dancer and singer were all suggested. We went on a Maths hunt around school and discovered how Maths is.

Happy Shrove Tuesday!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Shrove Tuesday in Year 2. We cooked pancakes, designed posters about our favourite pancake toppings, created a recipe brochure, wrote about Shrove Tuesday, learned how Shrove Tuesday is celebrated around the world and also attempted to replicate the diameter of the largest pancake in the world! We were very busy!

Flying Kites

Year 2 had so much fun making and flying their kites this afternoon! They had to decide on the best material to use for their kite to fly high in the air! Look at the pure joy on their faces when we tested them outside and they worked!

Storytelling Week

Year 2 had a great time sharing stories with Year 5 to celebrate National Storytelling Week.


Year 2 had a great time designing their own dragon eye to go with their written report.

Chinese New Year

We had a great afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year with dragon dances, making spring rolls and food tasting! Even Mrs Heath showed us her dance moves!


We have been investigating which material is best for our class teddy’s raincoat! We found that the fabric was waterproof and strong so recommended it to Ted!


Year 2 have been busy comparing different objects and grouping them by their material and properties.

Bog Baby clay models

Today we loved making our very own Bog Baby clay models.

Habitat hunt

Year 2 had a wonderful time on our habitat hunt! We discovered lots of amazing autumn plants and animals, as well as visiting Mr Pownell’s pond. We celebrated our trip with a lovely warm hot chocolate when we returned!

September 2019

Year Two have had a very busy week thinking of ways to catch Gary the mouse! They wrote lots of suggestions and made their own mouse traps.


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