Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. It is about giving children the best possible start to life through their education. 

Cultural capital is understood to contribute to ‘getting on in life’ or ‘social status’, that includes being able to perform well in school, knowing how to talk in different social groups or societies, accessing higher education and being successful in work or a career.

At St. Anne’s,  our curriculum has been carefully crafted to reflect the needs of our children, taking into account the location, the social and ethnic diversity in the area, the cultural opportunities available and aspirations for their future success.  Through our curriculum, we want our children  to learn the valuable subject specific knowledge that  enables them to thrive in school and prepares them for future opportunities.  

Through our curriculum provision, the children develop wider knowledge, confidence and awareness in art, music, dance, history, literature and science; some of the essential elements of cultural capital. 

We also recognise the value of visits and experiences to develop confident individuals, who are able to reflect and draw  on them  with passion and opinion. 

Visit from Rabbi Amir

Today we welcomed Rabbi Amir who kindly visited St Anne’s to teach us all about the Jewish faith. He shared lots of interesting information to help us create our own information booklets!

Choir at the Etihad

Our Choir travelled to the Etihad today to sing to the delegates from Copenhagen ahead of the big match this evening! 💙🙌🏻💙🙌🏻

Arts Council

We welcomed a visitor from the Arts Council today! The children were thanked for all their hard work on the ‘Our Community’ Discover Arts Award project, and they were awarded a certificate from Trinity College London recognising their achievements! Well done, Year Five! 🎨🖌@permanent_ed

Year Three’s Visit to Portland Basin

Year Three’s trip to Portland Basin was a great success! They enjoyed studying the rooms of Portland Basin Museum to find out what life was like in the olden days for people who lived in Tameside in the days of the canals. They enjoyed sketching the narrowboats and learning all about the canals.

The whole school learnt about Rosh Hashanah today which is the Jewish New Year festival. We dipped apples in honey as a symbol of the sweet New Year that each Jewish person hopes lies ahead.

Our wonderful school choir are the official Manchester City choir for all Champions League matches at home! We sing in the visiting team’s home language and perform to the delegates which is a great privilege.

Today we have had a wonderful focus on Reading! The children have dressed up for Roald Dahl Day and Joy from Tameside Library Service came in to deliver an assembly to the whole school! 📚 📚📚

“Love your neighbour as yourself” Luke 10:27 
 💗 This afternoon was a special one as we visited the local nursing home Auden House to bring flowers and cards to all the residents. All the residents and staff we’re extremely grateful and enjoyed the children’s company 💗
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