Caritas Ambassadors

St Anne’s and St John Fisher came together this morning to complete their Caritas Team Training, led by Kath from Caritas Salford. We had a wonderful morning and are now inspired to make a difference for the most vulnerable in our society.

We have been blown away by the generosity of our wonderful St Anne’s families who have donated cakes to support our Caritas Cake Sale. We have raised lots of money for The Cornerstone Homeless Charity!

Our wonderful Caritas Ambassadors led a beautiful assembly today explaining the importance of kindness and generosity. They also discussed how they plan to raise money for Cornerstone Homeless Charity over the coming weeks.

Congratulations to our new Caritas Team who will fight for social justice and think of ways to raise donations for the most vulnerable in our society.

Cornerstone Day Centre Donations

Thank you letter


The Caritas ambassadors wrote letters to the parents of St Anne’s asking for them donations to help brighten up our school surroundings! They asked for plants, bulbs, seeds, compost and any other gardening materials that could help them. They then went round to each class and spoke to the children about their letter!

Birthday Assembly 

This morning in Birthday Assembly the GIFT Chaplains distributed the resources for this weeks Collective Worship. Thank you for helping us celebrate prayer and worship!

Lorraine’s Visit

This morning Lorraine came in from Caritas to work with the Caritas ambassadors. She spent some time working with them about their gifts and talents. This will help when they come to designing posters and arranging events. They then set about working on their action plan for the coming year-watch this space to see their upcoming projects!

Caritas Marketplace Event 

Today the Caritas ambassadors went to the first official Caritas event at St Anne’s in Crumpsall. The day started with Sr Judith Rossi reminding us that we are encouraged to leave the world in a better place. Sr reminded us that we have the power to fix anything and that God can work through us. Sr reminded us of the need to help those in our local area of Manchester. Pope Francis’ 6 Beatitudes for a new generation were shared with us and we looked at each Beatitude individually.

The Caritas ambassadors then took part in a treasure hunt in the Parish Hall. They had to go and discover the answers to questions from the various groups Caritas supports: The Lalley Centre, The Bury Red Door, Lee House, ACN portraits of faith, Pepper Pot Club, Maryvale Radcliffe Road and Cornerstone.

Following lunch we were told that Pope Francis has organised a World day of prayer for the poor and vulnerable on 19th November, for example, refugees, those experiencing poverty, those with mental illness, homeless people and the elderly. The children heard from a refugee from Sudan who was homeless on his arrival to England. Following his move to Manchester he was put in contact with Cornerstone and has recently moved into his own home! At the end of the day Bishop John came in to say thank you for all our hard work for Caritas. He reminded us that we must love God and love our neighbour.